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Colón city is located at 32º 12'50 of South Latitude and 58º 08'30 of West Longitude; in the province of Entre Ríos, in Argentina (South America).
The city is situated at only 320 kilometers from Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina), Colón is in the center of the Mercosur (Common Market of the South), which makes very easy the access to the town from any country point and other neighboring nations.
From Buenos Aires, you can get in the city from the bridge Zárate - Brazo Largo that is connected with the Route Nº 12.Then this route connects with the National Route Nº 14.
From Santa Fé, you cross the tunnel Hernandarias, under the river Paraná. You arrive in the Paraná city (the capital of the Entre Ríos province), where the Route Nº 18 begins. This route connects with the National Route Nº 14 in San Salvador city.
From the North of the country you can also get in the city taking the Route 14, while from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay you arrive crossing the international bridge General Artigas that joins Colón with the city of Paysandú, in the neighboring country.

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