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The Ruins of the Old Mill

A very important personality in our country was General Justo José de Urquiza who lived between l80l and l870. Today we can revive part of that time through this circuit.
"Guarumba" Tourism and tradition: a farm where you can enjoy a nice country day. Different activities such as horse riding, trekking and bird watching are carried out in this place.
The Ruins of the Old Mill: They are situated by the Urquiza’s Stream. The ruins of an old hydraulic mill are placed here. Nature and history are combined in this peaceful place, where you can also enjoy facilities including a camping-site, a restaurant, sports and so on.
Villa Teresa Farm: this farm known as “Urquiza’s corner”, belonged later to one of his daughters called Teresa. Nowadays this rural establishment is used for cattle raising and agricultural activities, adding also the tourist exploitation with excellent possibilities due to the beauty of its scenery.
San José Palace: it has been the private residence of Urquiza’s family, the place where he spent his last twenty years. It is today a Historical National Monument and a Museum. It has 38 rooms with excellent furniture of the time and three important gardens among other historical places.