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Washington Square
Colón City
Dr. Herminio Quirós Park
A tour of Colón offers the possibility of living its history, its nature, the idiosyncrasy of the people, who are really kind and the beautiful landscape surrounding the Uruguay river.
A riverside Avenue, alongside the winding river, joins the Sports Center at “Dr. Herminio Quirós Park”, the Tourism Secretary building and the port, where the Swiss, French and Italian immigrants arrived.
If you continue towards the north you will find the Hot Springs Complex next to the Golf Club.
There is an important commercial center with a great variety of services and the most convenient option for visitors.
Historical buildings allow you to live the local past: the Fiat Lux Library, the Nation Bank, the “Centenario Cinema-Theatre”, the Civil Register (the first in the country).
One important Museum offers the tourist the opportunity of knowing a little more about the immigrants and the life of a visionary man called Herminio Juan Quirós.
The work of artisan hands, which is on display at “La Casona”, expresses the deep contact of the people of Colón with their soil and the use of regional raw materials.
Restaurants, hotels, bungalows, camping-sites are part of a wide range of accommodation facilities.
Dr. Herminio Quirós Park
Hot Springs Complex