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Rural Roads
Urquiza' s paces


This circuit invites you to travel through a rich area of rural roads where you can appreciate the economic alternatives of the region: sown fields, an agro-technical school, rural primary schools, flora and fauna in the middle of an authentic local landscape. You can also visit the ecological tourism complexes where the possibility of breathing pure air and enjoying silence in the heart of nature is combined with excellent services. Among the alternatives we recommend you to visit:
Agro-technical School: From 8 to l6 you can visit this school and buy regional products. You can also appreciate the different activities done by the students such as the large vegetable garden production, garden center, poultry farming, dairy products and so on.
San Anselmo Chapel: a symbol of Christian devotion of rural people. This very valuable stone building was finished in l939
And it was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Ecological tourist Complexes: boat sailing, horse riding, controlled fishing, flora and fauna watching, accommodation and restaurants, as well as the sandy beaches of the Uruguay river.
Rural areas that still keep the calmness, the quiet and the laborious spirit of the immigrants.